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Fall 2023 Admits

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Evaluate Your Chances Before You Apply

GradChances leverages machine learning algorithms to predict which U.S. graduate schools will accept you. Data-driven analysis evaluates your undergraduate achievements, job experience, and test scores to predict your chances of getting admission into the top school of your choice.

Knowing your odds of acceptance will save you time and money in the application process.

With the Right Tool, You Can Get Into Your Dream School

Every year, students from all over the world spend thousands of dollars to apply to grad schools. Consulting graduate-school counselors and applying to multiple programs is a costly overhead. GradChances minimizes this expense by predicting your probability of getting into universities using data-driven analysis. GradChances also provides recommendations on how to improve your odds of admission. Our data guides you to become the perfect applicant and gain admission to your dream school.

How It Works

Step 1:
Enter Your Info

Enter your work experience, GRE score, TOEFL score, and other application stats. 

Step 2:
We Predict Your Acceptance

Our machine learning model analyzes your data and compares it to thousands of applicants. We predict your probability of getting admission into your university of choice.

Step 3:
Make Improvements

We provide application recommendations to improve your probability of success.

Step 4:
Share Results

We email you your predictions and recommendations. Bam, your application process just got easier.

Predictions for 100+ US universities for more than 15 programs 

University of California
University of Southern California
Carnegie Mellon University

Explore Our Pricing Options

GradChances's data-driven prediction models offers students an opportunity to take the guesswork out of their application process.

  • Balanced

    Our recommendation of 10 schools based on your profile
    Valid for one month
    • 5 Safe schools, 3 Moderate schools & 2 Ambitious schools
    • Analyze GRE Score
    • Analyze TOEFL/IELTS Score
    • Profile evaluation within 24 hours
    • * Plan can be customized as per needs

Maximize Your Chances To Get Into Your Dream School With Our Machine Learning Solution

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